16 Diode Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Laser Comb

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Hair Restoration Laboratories is proud to introduce its brand new 16 diode Hair Loss Laser Comb.

The Hair Restoration Laboratories Laser Comb uses technology identical to laser combs selling for over $600. However, our model has 16 laser diodes, making it the strongest and most effective laser comb available.

What is Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)?

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is also referred to as red light therapy, soft laser, laser stimulation, photo laser modulation and cold laser. Many studies establish that LLLT is an effective way for men and women to treat and reverse hair loss and hair thinning caused by multiple factors, such as genetics, stress, medication, overuse of styling products and environmental factors.

Who is fit to use LLLT?

Many studies confirm that LLLT is an effective treatment for both men and women.  It is effective for those suffering from a receding hairline, thinning hair, male and female pattern baldness, alopecia, diffuse hair, stress-related hair loss, post-partum hair loss, etc. The Hair Restoration Laboratories Laser Comb is absolutely the BEST solution for individuals who are or are not using other products for the treatment of hair loss. The Laser Comb is effective by itself or in conjunction with other FDA-approved treatments.

How Does LLLT Work?

The hair rejuvenation cycle has three stages:

1. The growth phase which is also referred to as the anagen phase

2. Resting phase or the telogen phase

3. The shedding phase or catagen phase.

LLLT helps to boost the flow of blood in your scalp as well as stimulate cellular metabolism in the telogen or the catagen phases which leads to the growth of a healthier, stronger and new (anagen) hair.

What are the benefits of LLLT?

– It’s painless, very convenient and clean

– Needs a relatively short commitment time

– Easy to use

– Safe for men and women

– Comparative low cost

– Portability and mobility

Who Are We And Why Buy From Us?

We are a proud US-based business.  We have sold hundreds of the Hair Restoration Laboratories 16 Diode Hair Loss Laser Combs to satisfied men and women who are on their way to regrowing healthy, stronger and thicker hair. We guarantee that the Hair Restoration Laboratories Laser Comb operates as effectively as the much more expensive models.

The Hair Restoration Laboratories Laser Comb comes with a one (1) year manufacturer warranty from date of purchase against defects in the unit.

The Hair Restoration Laboratories Laser Comb includes:

1. LLLT device, with 16 independent 650nm, 5MW Diode Lasers

2. Power Cord

3. Detailed instruction manual

Technical Data:

16 independent Mitsubishi laser diodes

Laser pulsing wavelength-650nm

Each diode has 50mw energy output

Total diodes-16 diodes

Laser comb size: 216mm X 44mm X 355mm. Extremely lightweight and easy to handle.

Restore your hair with Hair Restoration Laboratories.